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Whether you’re shopping for your CrossFit addict husband or your dad who’s trying to stay active as he ages, these fitness and wellness gifts will help your guy reach his goals. From vibrating foam rollers to barbells and hiking poles, there’s something here for everyone at prices that won’t break your budget!

  1. Vibrating Foam Roller

Men tend to love new gadgets with special features, right? Then of course he’ll love the brand new ExL Vibrating Foam Roller! Vibration technology is added to the muscle relaxing benefits of foam rolling for an ideal massage that results in faster recovery time and improved range of motion. It’s perfect for men who struggle with tight, painful muscles and anyone wanting to perform better in the gym or sports. ProSource ExL Vibrating Foam Roller

  1. Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Help him build that upper body strength with this pull up bar featuring 12 cushioned grip positions for a variety of exercise options. It’s simple to install in any doorway at home so he can squeeze in a few reps before or after work.ProSource Multi Grip Pull Up Bar


  1. Slam Medicine Balls

He can take out stress and aggression while getting his heart rate up with two types of slam medicine balls – classic and treaded (for better grip). They’re perfect for maintaining functional fitness while having an excuse to throw something as hard as he can!

ProSource Tread Slam Ball


  1. Multipurpose Olympic Barbell

Does he have a home gym or is he planning to set one up? These weight lifting bars are perfect for home with their incredibly affordable price point and high quality construction. Versatile for strength training, bodybuilding, CrossFit, and power lifting, this will allow him to train his chest, back, shoulders and legs exactly how he likes in the comfort of his own space.

  1. Bumper Plates

A barbell isn’t much good without weight plates! Get him a set of either solid rubber or color training plates with minimal bounce and durable zinc steel inserts.




  1. Anti-Shock Trekking Poles

For husbands, dads, and grandfathers who prefer to stay active outdoors, lightweight hiking polesare a great option. Extendable from 26”- 53”, they also include a mini compass, wrist strap, and snow disc for use in any season.


  1. Xtreme Power Resistance Bands

This 8-piece set is perfect for dads who need a way to stay fit while they travel, or who prefer to workout at home, or even for recovering from an injury. These heavy duty, stackable elastic tube bands provide from 20-120 pounds of resistance and come with a door anchor for endless exercise possibilities.



  1. Ab Wheel Roller

What guy doesn’t want great abs? This core trainer will help him get there! It features a thick wheel with non-slip tread and cushioned, ergonomic handles for extra comfort so he can focus on his form. It’s compact enough to carry to the gym, and a convenient tool for home workouts.



  1. High Density Foam Roller

A firm foam roller is a must-have for men of any age for massaging sore muscles and stretching tight areas like the chest and back. From a travel-friendly 12”x6” size for rolling out the legs, to a full-length 36”x6” size he can lie on for core exercises and stretches, these are a sure way to have him feeling better in no time.


  1. Dip Station

He’ll love how easy this chest and tricep dip stand is to put together and the exercise options such as triceps dips, inverted rows, and L-sits. It’s another great choice for home gyms because of its versatility, lightweight design, and added security of the safety connector.



  1. Wrist Wraps

If he’s big into weight lifting or CrossFit, a set of wrist wraps is a simple, no-brainer gift. The adjustable size provides strong support for wrists to help prevent injuries. Plus, at less than $10, you can afford to get him another gift on this list!



  1. Acupressure Mat

Whether it’s muscle recovery he needs, headache relief, or a good night’s sleep, the Acupressure Mat and Neck Pillow is sure to be a hit! With almost 8,000 acupressure points, the mat helps to increase blood circulation, release endorphins and reduce back and neck pain. It can also be used on the legs, stomach, chest and feet.  

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