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Stress is not just a mental concept; it also has a huge effect on your physical wellbeing.

In short doses, acute stress can help you become focused and give you an actual rush of adrenaline that energizes your body to get the work done. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to let go of stress once the initial panic is gone. That’s when stress causes a negative impact on your physical health. Can stress make you sick? Prolonged or chronic stress can be a big contributing factor to physical health problems.

It seems conspicuous that rises in stress levels are happening at the same time as rises in chronic illness levels. But it makes sense.

Think back to a time where you dealt with long-term stress; maybe it occurred during an ongoing project at work or was the result of a toxic relationship. Now, try to remember how your body felt. Many of us are already familiar with the ways stress can affect our health. Sometimes the symptoms are small like an upset stomach, tight muscles or fatigue. Sometimes the symptoms are worse like nausea, migraines, diarrhea, acne breakouts or hair loss.

The mind-body connection is strong. It can affect your immune system, causing you to become more susceptible to the flu or cold. It throws your body off balance and can also affect your digestive system. With prolonged exposure to stress, your body is just not running as well as it should be.

This article will outline the kinds of health changes you can expect from too much stress, as well as give you some ways to prevent getting sick.

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