Cloud Bread: 4-Ingredient, Low Carb Bread

August 25, 2018 0 Comments

Seriously craving some bread? You’re not alone.

When you transitioned to a ketogenic diet, you had to lower your carbohydrate intake. You probably waved a solemn, heartfelt goodbye to your favorite carb-laden foods — bread included — never to be seen again.

Until now.

While low carb bread might sound like an oxymoron, that’s exactly what this recipe is for. Fluffy and delicious, this Cloud Bread (sometimes referred to as Oopsie Bread) contains only .4 grams of carbs, making it the perfect substitute for your favorite burger or sandwich.

Not only is cloud bread keto-friendly, but it’s loaded with fats and protein — where the bulk of your calories should come from. With only four ingredients and a cook time of just half an hour, this is a great recipe for anyone on a low carb diet. Plus, it has quite a few health benefits (which you’ll see later). Best yet, it helps fight those carb cravings, allowing you to enjoy a beloved food while staying in ketosis.

Keep scrolling past the recipe to learn more about low carb cloud bread!

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