Cooling Towel for Sports, Workout, Fitness, Gym, Yoga, Travel, Exercise, Hiking

iRibit Fitness cooling towel is different from traditional towel. It is made of hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material that provides instant cooling effect.  Simply soak the towel in water, wring out and snap it to activate the chilling towel. The towel stays cool and soft for hours.  To reactivate it just re-wet, wring out and snap it. It’s guaranteed to dry soft every time!


Highlights of the iRibit Fitness cooling towel:


❖ AWESOME DESIGN PATTERN, The design pattern is unique, fresh, and great looking.
❖ CHILLED INSTANTLY, The towel can be easily chilled by soak, wring out, and snap it.  The towel cools down by 30 degree within seconds after snapping it, and it stays chilled for 3 hours.

❖ VERSATILE, 47 inches long, could be used as a scarf, bandana headband, or neck wrap. It’s perfect for runners, gym workout, yoga, outdoor construction workers, gardeners, and etc.
❖ SUPER ABSORBENT AND BREATHABLE, the hyper-evaporative breathable mesh fabric absorbs water instantly, and it remains soft and comfortable while it’s wet or after it’s dry.

❖ ANTI-BACTERIAL AND UV PROTECTION, The breathable soft fabric is treated to prevent mildew and odor, and it provides an amazing 50 UPF UV protection.

Size: 47” x 12” / 120cm x 30cm

Package Contains: 1*Cooling Towel

Designed in the USA



  • 47” x 12” / 120cm x 30cm

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